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Dr. Juliet has brought a holistic upbringing of the dogs. I wish we had met her when they were much younger . She has been taking care of each aspect of their life. She has become a fantastic friend of our both Bheem and Nala.

Nala - R. Dinesh

Chennai - India

Juliet came to us as a guardian angel at a time when we thought we were going to lose our beloved golden retriever Bheem! I really wish all Doctors - human or animals - understand the importance of a holistic approach, as we as humans and even more animals - who have totally entrusted their lives with their owners - need a more compassionate, holistic and balanced way of treatment - which is the only way known to Dr. Juliet!!!
We owe her huge!!!!

Bheem - Sudha Balasubramanian

Chennai - India

Thank God, I read an article about Juliet!
I'm very thankful to her for making my Rocky better. He will live with his hip defect but I can still give the best in this present state. The improvement in his health is a miracle for me.

Rocky - Nandhini

Chennai - India

Some things are like Karma, Dr. Juliet was meant to come in our life. We have tried our best for so long and you won't believe it but I am so grateful to Dr Juliet, because she has changed Xena's life and that makes us so happy! When we see her happy and play, we get tears in our eyes. Waow, this is how our life should have been!

Xena - Deepa Udday Kumar

Chennai - India

We’ve gone from being sceptical about Dr. Juliet’s alternative approach to healing and well-being, to truly believing in the power of a thoughtfully balanced approach that includes a natural diet, acupuncture, exercise and allopathic medication - which she prescribes - to heal and restore health. Pablo is all the proof you need to see to believe that it works!

Pablo - Tanseer and Merlia

Chennai - India

Dr Juliet is a true Healer of Pets and Animals. I have seen her ailing patients bounce back with great energy, to my amazement, never to return to the old repeating conditions that once troubled them. 
Apart from treating my two labradors, she has treated the pets of my close friends who have also become fans of Dr Juliet... for her wonderful Humanistic Care!

Daisy, Rosy - Suresh and Nalini

Chennai - India

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