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About Me

My name is Dr. Juliet. I am a World Integrative Veterinarian who has gathered knowledge from more than 52 countries through a continuous learning since 18 years. My experience has made me realize helping pets also transform their owner. This is why Happy Pets make Happy Owners. 

My mission is to improve the life of at least a 100.000 pets and their owner. That is why it is important to provide basic info accessible for everybody as I often realize that the basic needs of a pet are often misinterpreted or just not known. Making the quality of life of the pet and owner better through a simple, natural, easy way is the only way to treat the root of a disease instead of the symptoms. Being a proud mother of three wonderful daughters, I am willing to give them a better future by leaving a less toxic world for the next generation.

Traditional knowledge is in my case a way of life. I have personally experienced a transformation in myself and my close circle by going to a simpler, healthier and therefore more conscious way of life. My medicine is my food and my food is my medicine. 


Juliet came to us as a guardian angel at a time when we thought we were going to lose our beloved golden retriever Bheem! I really wish all Doctors - human or animals - understand the importance of a holistic approach, as we as humans and even more animals - who have totally entrusted their lives with their owners - need a more compassionate, holistic and balanced way of treatment - which is the only way known to Dr. Juliet!!!
We owe her huge!!!!

Bheem - R. Dinesh and Sudha Balasubramanian



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